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In Paixao & Associates, we focus on providing legal advice to high quality and personalized to our clients.

Despacho de Abogados
Inheritance and Succession

Paraguayan law sets out clear provisions on how to manage the inheritances and successions, including the distribution of property and assets among the heirs. In our blog, you'll find detailed information on the laws and regulations in the area of Family Law in Paraguay.

Despacho de Abogados

With a focus on compassionate, and solution-oriented, our team of lawyers are experts in family law is here to represent your interests and protect the rights of your family.

Despacho de Abogados
Family law

In the complex web of family relations, family law, law plays a critical role in the protection of your loved ones and your most important links. At our law firm, we understand the sensitivity and importance of the issues associated with family law.

Family law



When you're dealing with delicate matters of family, you need more than just a legal service, you need someone you can trust fully

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Our team of lawyers is composed of legal experts with years of experience in the field. We are committed to justice and equality, and we strive to provide legal advice to high quality and personalized to our clients.

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Legal advice on family law
Dr. Estela Paixao

I am pleased to receive them in Paixao & Associates, a law firm committed to your cause. I am Dr. Estela Paixão, founder and leader of the team of lawyers that we work together to protect your rights and defend your interests. With over 13 years of experience in the field, I have had the opportunity to develop a solid background in family law and probate.